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KompactPRO, compared to Kompact, has built-in Site Options that can be really useful for the easier setup of your new website. Everything is handled by the PHP server so there's zero need to of a code editor in order to run and customize the theme.

Play around with the Site Options to make sure it's for you   →   Panel Demo

Page Transitions

SPA-like transitions that make the whole experience of using the theme smoother.

Responsive Layout

KompactPRO supports Desktop and Mobile out of the box.


You can easily set your logo from the Panel, just drag-to-upload an image.


You can choose if you would like to enable or disable the Search function.


Choose one of the 732 currently available Google Fonts via Panel. 🎉


Select your main colors via built-in color picker from the Panel.


Change the skin with a single click on a checkbox - dark or light, whatever fits better on your style.

Layout Size

You can easily adjust the width of your layout from the Panel. Pixels or Percents, KompactPRO can handle both.

Layout Position

Aligned in left or in the center - choose what fits best for your site.

Social Links

Just paste the links to your social media profiles and they will in the Footer.

Google Analytics

Just paste your GA code in the Site Options and you are ready to go. There is no need to modify any PHP files.


Although I am a one-man-army maker but I strive to help quickly via [email protected]. 👨‍💻

Currently available for exciting projects.